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Best ED Meds Over the Counter

2018 sees 5 modern substances that can significantly enhance erection:

  • Sildenafil;
  • Vardenafil;
  • Tadalafil;
  • Udenafil;
  • Avanafil.

But they will most likely be known by their brand names since pharmaceutical companies rarely sell the drug under its pharmaceutical name.ed drugs

The best drug for potency number 5 – Viagra (Sildenafil)

The latest place is taken by the most famous drug for the male potency – Viagra. But it surprises exactly to those until you see its characteristics and statistics. It becomes clear that this erectile stimulant is frankly outdated.


  • Maximum power. Viagra is considered to be the most powerful drug to improve erectile function.
  • Relative availability. Compared with other branded potency regulators, Viagra is one of the cheapest means for potency. But when compared with generics, its price is high.
  • Availability of generics. Viagra takes the second place right after Cialis for Indian copies.
  • The widest range of generics. You can choose a cheap copy based on Sildenafil in any dosage and in any form (tablets, soft, gel, capsules and even pops). Such a huge range is achieved due to the popularity of Viagra and the accessibility to the legality of its production.


  • Low security. This is the reverse side of high power. Health is the most important thing in the life of any man.
  • Low rate of effect appearance. Compared with Cialis (45 minutes), Zydena and Stendra (both for 30 minutes), a whole hour of waiting is too much for a man.
  • The shortest time of action. Of course, 5 hours is a lot, but compared to other erectile stimulants, this is the minimum result.

The best drug for potency number 4 – Levitra (Vardenafil)

Many of our clients are loyal fans of Vardenafil, but the objective reality says that Levitra is already outdated. Its pharmacodynamic characteristics leave much to be desired. The level of security is far from optimal, and the cost remains quite high.


  • Close to the golden middle. If you compare Levitra with the same Viagra, then the first one also has a high enough level, the safety and risk of side effects are already lower.
  • Availability of generics. By the cost of Indian copies, Levitra is compared with copies of Viagra.


  • High price. Despite the rather controversial characteristics, Levitra remains one of the most expensive stimulants of erectile function.
  • Low rate of appearance of the effect. As in the case of Viagra, one hour should pass from taking a pill to a stimulating effect.
  • A short time of action. It is active for 6 hours only.

The best drug for potency number 3 – Zydena (Udenafil)

Few people know that this wonderful means has a huge amount of advantages over its competitors. It should be noted that it would have all the chances to take the first place in our rating but it has one significant disadvantage.


  • High security. The likelihood of any side effects from taking is minimal. According to this indicator, Zydena takes the second.
  • Relative availability. Surprisingly, the price of Zydena is similar to Viagra.
  • The highest speed of action. After taking, you need to wait just 30 minutes.
  • Great time for action. This drug provides erection for about 12 hours.


  • Lack of generics. This is the main drawback of the drug for the average buyer. That is, if you want to take Udenafil, you will have to overpay for the brand by 800%.
  • Low power. Zydena will be an excellent solution for men with an initial or intermediate stage of erectile dysfunction – it is unlikely to cope with a neglected condition.

The best drug for potency number 2 – Stendra (Avanafil)

Vivus produces Avanafil under two main brands: Stendra (in the USA), Spedra (in Europe).


  • High security. If you are looking for a drug for potency without side effects, then Stendra is as close as possible to this aspect. In general, a softer erectile stimulator cannot simply be found.
  • Availability of copies. For a drug released in 2012, their availability is already surprising.
  • The highest speed of action. Like Udenafil, Avanafil stimulates an erection very quickly – 30 minutes after application.


  • High cost and difficulty of purchase. Buy Avanafil produced by Vivus is a whole challenge that implies additional expenses.
  • The high cost of generics. The price of generics is very low, but when compared with other “copies”, it turns out to be more expensive.
  • A short time of action. This is the only pharmaceutical disadvantage of the drug.

The best drug for potency No. 1 – Cialis (Tadalafil)

Cialis is powerful, fast-acting, long-playing, safe, affordable (thanks to generics). What other indicators should a drug for potency have to take first place. Cialis is simply a synonym for quality erection.


  • The best pharmaceutical indicators. As we said above, Cialis and its generics are fine. Especially time of action, which is as much as 36 hours!
  • Lowest price generics. Indian analogs of Cialis are presented in a wide range and have the most attractive price.


High price. Brand-name Cialis is quite expensive. But it is not a big deal when there is a huge selection of quality copies.

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