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Terms of Use

Welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy! Visitors to the site need to read and agree with a number of regulations adopted by the company to ensure the quality and error-free operation of the pharmacy. These conditions are automatically accepted if you visit the website or make purchases in our online pharmacy. Please read carefully all the items on the Terms of Use page.

Terms of Use

Online communications

You can contact us through the website or e-mail, so you automatically agree to receive order notifications and other emails from us: we communicate with our customers via e-mail or via messages on the site. This means that all contracts, notices and other messages sent to you electronically meet the legal requirements for such information in writing.


The contents of the website, namely the texts, graphic information, buttons, pictures, audio files, programs, various documents and other data, are the property of My Canadian Pharmacy and are protected by the laws governing copyright right.

Access to the site

Visitors to the website are provided with limited access to functionality that allows them to use the site’s capabilities for personal use. Users cannot upload or change content without written confirmation from the pharmacy.

It is prohibited to use of lists of products, their descriptions and prices; to download or copy personal information from user accounts for personal gain or a subsequent sale.

The website or any part of it cannot be copied, resold or used for commercial purposes without the consent of these actions given by the pharmacy. Written permission is also required for the use of frames for the application of a trademark, logo or other information characterizing the property (including pictures, text, page layout). Any unauthorized use of access to the site described above terminates the license issued by the pharmacy.

Visitors and site users have a limited right to be revoked the right to link to the main or other pages of the site if the link does not represent My Canadian Pharmacy, its partners, products, services and information in a misleading, degrading or offensive in any form of light. You also do not have the right to use the website logo and other signs indicating the property as part of your link without the consent of the online pharmacy.

Personal account

When using the website, you are responsible for storing your account information in a confidential form (including storing a password and protecting access to a computer). Users also automatically agree to take responsibility for all actions that are performed with the account and password to access it. If any products on the site are intended for children, the right to buy them belongs only to adults who have the opportunity to pay with a credit card or other available means. If you are under 18 years old, you can use the site only to attract parents or guardians to your purchases. The company has the right to refuse to provide services, to close or restrict access to the account, to change or delete information in the account, to cancel the order of goods.

Product descriptions and other information

When compiling descriptions of products on the website, we try to indicate the most accurate information. But we can not guarantee the absolute accuracy, completeness, relevance and accuracy of descriptions and other types of information presented on the site. If, after delivery of the goods, it became clear that the product did not comply with the description given on the website, the buyer has the right to return the product in unused form and receive the amount paid back.


The description of each product on the site contains information about the price of the product, and we guarantee its accuracy and immutability. At the time of ordering, the delivery fee is added to the price of the drug (delivery fee is calculated automatically). As soon as we receive payment for the order, we send the package to the customer.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The pharmacy has the right to make changes on the site, to adjust the terms and conditions of use, including the information published on this page. If one of the conditions is invalid or impracticable, it can be considered insignificant, however, all other decisions remain in force.


All questions related to the content of the Terms and Use page must be sent to the support service. To do this, send an email to our e-mail address or use a feedback form given on the Contact Us page.